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How to Join the Color Guard

(You do not need to be a COSSAR Member)

The Color Guard does about 10 to 12 events a year which range from parades on Memorial and Veterans Days to special patriotic events and memorial services.  We have temporary accoutrements and uniforms you can use until you research your ancestors unit to determine what they wore. We coordinate with Fife and Drum Corps. So feel free to join us just before any of our scheduled events and participate!  The National website has plenty of information you will need to get started. Click here.

If you are interested in joining the Color Guard please contact us at

We work closely with our communities to keep alive the

Patriotic ideals for our ancestors who fought and died in the American Revolution.

Handbook & Newsletters

Color Guard Handbook & Guardsman Magazine 

Below are documents that outline standard operating procedures of the COSSAR Color Guard. Also the link to the National SAR Guardsman Magazine published quarterly.

The Color Guard Handbook

The Color Guard Reporting Form

Color Guardsman Magazine: April 2021

National website with all issues of Color Guardsman Magazine

Document Library

Safety Regulations for Black Powder

Continental Line Safety Regulations for re-enactors

Table of Contents

Index of Subjects

Priming and Loading for School Presentations

Special movements for priming and loading for presentations


Material Safety Data Sheet for Black Powder

Von Steuben's Manual Exercise

27 Movements of

the drill

Understanding the Different Firelock Drills

History of the drill manuals leading up to the American Revolution

SAR Reenactor Guide lines

NSSAR position on support of re-enactor org.

Modified Version of Von Steuben's Drill

Commands loading and firing for special presentations

Firing Commands for Honor Guard Salutes

Describes procedure for musket salutes at Honor Ceremonies

Who we are and What we do

Our past events and what's coming up

Steps to Become a Member

Join Today

Fife & Drum Information

The only recorded regulations for fife and drum for the Continental Army are from Von Steuben's Regulations issued at Valley Forge. The first three documents are from the 1794 reprint from chapter 21 pages 89-91. The other documents are from the BAR Military Music Book which provides the missing music and beats and signals mentioned in Von Steuben's Regulations.  Our Fife and Drum unit will use the Brigade of the American Revolution's "Military Music of the American Revolution" as their music book and general guide.

We'd Love Your Support Today!

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